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TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station Review & Guide | Yosells                                           

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In this era of vast progress in technology regarding the gadgets with benefits of better mobility, the wire is a burden for the users hovering all around the world with the best things they can have. Imagine for a bit about where you can place wires in the dynamic system you are taking with your devices every day.  This is where comes the term TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station to give you a suitable charging option when you are in the rush and feel pretty uncomfortable about having a cable to connect with your device.


Best TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station in 2019

Charging your phone with wireless charging pad has never been easy, with TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station, it becomes a smooth business. You don’t have the difficulty of inserting a cable in the charging point of your smartphone. You can place the wireless cell phone charger on the desk and have to be sure to put your phone at the sweet point of your charging pad. This year 2019 is marked for the rapid implementation of wireless cell phone chargers throughout the brands (Market Leader) like as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and other noteworthy brands. Because of the rapid adaptation of wireless cell phone chargers, it becomes inevitable, that we will have Wireless Charger Station as a fast wireless charger in a matter of a very little timeframe. We are gradually heading toward a system, which will remove the hassle of entangled wires from our lifestyles from our headphones as a whole and partly from our chargers. TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station confirms that it’s a fast wireless charger and removes the cable from your phone while charging your smartphone. Like most of the wireless cell phone chargers, it’s also a QI enabled the magnetic wireless charger.


TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station yosells


Item specifics:

Comparing with usual slowness of wireless charging pad, TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station is a fast wireless charger and faster than many of its kind.

  • Item: Wireless Charging Pad.
  • Brand: Tennboo.
  • Size: Dimension: 9.9 x 9.9 x 0.7 cm. This size dimension makes it ultra-slim to fit on your desk.
  • Weight: 2.4 Ounces. It’s very light to carry out where you want to.
  • Compatibility: Any QI Supported devices. It works best with Samsung S6Edge+, S7, S7Edge, S8, S8Plus, Note7, Note8 with 10.0 W and iPhone XS MAX/XR/XS/X/8/8 with 7.5 W and other QI enabled device needs attachment of an external wireless receiver for charging with 5.0 W.
  • More Other Compatible with Devices: LG G4,G3,G6,V30,OPTIMUS G PRO, GOOGLE NEXUS 4,NEXUS 5,NEXUS 6,NEXUS 7, Lumia822, Lumia830, Lumia735, Lumia920, Lumia929, Lumia820, Lumia1020, Lumia1520 and so on.
  • TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station needs a Quick Charge Adaptor 3.0 charger for the fastest charging, which enables it to charge within 02 Hours.
  • Input: DC 5V-2A,DC 9v-1.67A
  • Out: up to 10 W
  • Wireless Range: Maximum 8 mm.
  • Without Quick or Fast Charging Mode it can take up to 03 hours for a full charge of your phone.
  • It has Integrated Smart Technology to protect your phone from the danger of overheating.
  • Package includes A Fast Qi Wireless Charger, a USB Cable & a User Manual.

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How to Use TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station:

To use the TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station, you need to unpack the packet and put the pad to the place you want to charge your smartphone. The charging adaptor is not included in the box; so should buy a compatible for the charger. Then insert the USB cable to the adaptor and charging pad. It has an LED indicator to inform you about the charging status of the charger, if any situation occurs, you can read the manual carefully. After that, you need to lay the smartphone on the pad. You should put the phone at the sweet place of the wireless charging pad to make sure the phone is charging. The thickness of the phone should not exceed 08 mm, or the battery will not charge altogether. You must remove the phone cover if it’s a steel cover and the appropriate step is to remove the cover while charging, which will ensure the best service.



TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station reflects a system, which removes the existence of cable from the mobile phone charger. The mobile charger has a tradition of an adaptor, cable and a built-in charging jack, which takes a new form with the replacement of the traditional instrument. This system is a kind of induction system where the current will pass from induction coils to induction coils through space. The receiver coil will absorb electricity which the receiver will take and pass to the battery with a very complex system. A device will have a pad on a stand where the smartphone user can put the phone either landscape mode or portrait mode. One thing the user should be sure to put the phone at the sweet spot of the charger. The phone cover can’t be thicker than 8 mm, or the charger won’t be able to charge the battery. You should also get rid of your metal cover to charge your phone. The TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station is affordable for it has a reasonable price comparing with the other brands in the market. Across the models with the same configurations, TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station is the best wireless charger in the market. The most important feature this TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station is that it can charge 2 times faster with the fast charging mode. It has a smooth design with a cutting edge technology, which looks very beautiful in look. This charger has a pad, which has a nonslip feature and it will protect your phone from slipping away from the charger. It will protect your phone from any kind of damage. The charger is relatively light with a weight of 2.4 Ounces, which enables you to carry it easily. At the other hand, the size dimension is very smart; so you can straightforwardly put it in your side pocket. The design itself ensures that it is small enough to put it on your desk when you are in office. With the LED indicator you’ll be informed of if the phone is charging or not if the phone is fully charged or not, if the phone is put on the sweet spot or not. With affordable price and the smart design, TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station is the best among its kind in the market.

TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station

Anker VS TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station:

Anker is also a QI Certified Wireless Charger as like as TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station. It has nearly 20 million consumers, has great popularity in both wired and wireless charger. Comparing to TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station, Anker is a very slow Wireless Charger. At The Other hand Tennboo is a very fast charger because, with its fast charging mode, it can charge very quickly. TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station can charge 2X faster after the inclusion of a Quick Charge Adaptor 3.0 when Anker has no such feature. Anker has no proper speed while charging, but TENNBOO is a wireless cell phone charger and far better than Anker, while we are discussing charging speed. TENNBOO provides 10 W for Samsung phones, 7.5 W for I phones & and 5.0 W for the phone, which needs an external wireless receiver for charging. With this feature of charging ability for charging a phone across brands, TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station is one of the best wireless chargers in the market.


As one of the best Wireless Chargers, the TENNBOO Wireless Charger Station can give you charge your smartphone with ease. You can consider this as a great assistant for you, or explore further for the best wireless charger station.

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