OnePlus 7 Review & Guide – Best Smartphones in the US

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Editor choice OnePlus 7 Review & Guide – Best Smartphones in the US
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The OnePlus 7 Pro has become one of the best Smartphones in the US.The OnePlus 7 Pro has the incredible speed to provide you a fast and smooth experience.

OnePlus 7 Review & Guide – Best Smartphones in the US
OnePlus 7 Review & Guide – Best Smartphones in the US


With a concealed camera, which pops up anytime to capture your selfies, the front camera makes the OnePlus 7 Pro a premium designed camera. This flawless display has reinforced the fact that it can compete with a market leader like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and others in a hard battle. The feature we have found in the smartphone well enough to keep with the mid-range flagship phones with having no contrasting issue against the fact.  With a high-end engineering approach in the making of the OnePlus 7 Pro, this Chinese brand has come to dominate the market with a lot of impacts. As with one of the best Smartphones for 4G in 2019, OnePlus is serious in the arena of premium smartphone from the mid-range budget lineup. However, the OnePlus 7 Pro costs more than the predecessor OnePlus 6T does, we think it wants to present something better than ever. It comes up with a giant 6.67-inch screen to state the fact of included Pro, besides it looks like a no bezel display and no notch in the display whatsoever. It means we have to give full attention to the OnePlus 7 Pro, which has no punched hole like notch. This has enabled it to become as much bigger as we have found in the specification, besides an unnoticeable bezel made it a full viewing display. It has gained enough fuel to go on in a battle with Samsung, besides the 90Hz refresh rate has produced a dynamic display with an elegant look. It means a penetration to the world, where Samsung has dominated so far with the high-end display. The OnePlus 7 Pro has become one of the best Smartphones in the US.

The OnePlus 7 Pro will provide an incredibly smooth gaming experience, as has a touch-sensitive display to respond you. Now you can hover through here to there to have access to the customized options, this comfort gives you freedom of a great mobile experience. If you have a smaller hand, you will have difficulties to deal with it single-handedly. The 19.5:9 aspect ratio makes it hard to hold in a grab, if you have smaller palms, for this, you have the Samsung Galaxy S10e. A smaller version of the OnePlus 7 Pro could be an even rival to the Galaxy S10e, though we have found it a contester. Comparing with the high-priced bigger flagships, it will prevail with a great impact. The curved display with the thinner body means great, as it has the onscreen fingerprint scanner, unlike Galaxy S10e. Samsung has provided this feature only to the bigger S10 Phones, so this seems an advancement of OnePlus to add this in a mid-range smartphone. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and the bigger 4,000mAh battery gives you a full day power, besides you can have storage up to 256GB of storage. The 128GB means a great workforce to perform as efficiently as beyond your imagination.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and the bigger 4,000mAh battery gives you a full day power, besides you can have storage up to 256GB of storage. The 128GB means a great workforce to perform as efficiently as beyond your imagination. The camera includes a 48MP, a 3X telephoto, and ultra-wide lenses, while the Galaxy S10e misses these features of the bigger S10 flagship siblings. This has come with a breakthrough in the OnePlus 7 Pro; besides these components in the triple-lens rear camera unit, it has a Nightscape mode for low-light performance. The cameras have to power up and polishing repeatedly by frequent updating of software with a focus on the OnePlus 7 Pro cameras. The unique Warp Charge 30 adapter of the OnePlus means fastest charging rate available around, so this will keep you powering with incredible speed. It will also give you some consolation overt the absence of a wireless charging system. However, the absence of a 3.5mm headphone jack may hurt your feeling, but the inclusion of a new stereo is a deal-breaker. The OnePlus 7 Pro is far from being an overall flagship phone, but residing between a mid-range and flagship zone seems great in the term of affordability. The OnePlus provides one of the best Smartphones deals from every aspect with one of the best Smartphones with a gaming-friendly display.


OnePlus 7 Pro Display:

OnePlus 7 - The Best Smartphones in the US

The deal-breaking smartphone of your OnePlus 7 Pro has provided a QHD+ AMOLED Resolution display with 3120 by 1440 pixels, which produces an elegant look. The large 6.67Inch has a 100,000:1 Contrast ratio and deeper blacks to provide brighter highlights. As the clear display gives you a full cinematic experience, so you can enjoy video gaming and movies with breath-taking clarity. You will find the 90 Hz refresh rate impressive and rear in a smartphone, because it will response your every tap, swipe and button press with quick precision. You will find yourself in the liquid crystal and smoothness of the display with the swift flow of the display performance. This incredible display is available in the flagship, but QHD+ is rear among one of the best Smartphones in a comparatively cheap price.

The OnePlus 7 Pro has the dynamic immersion of an HDR10+ display, which is compatible for playback with Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video, and so on. You will have a nice viewing experience with crisp details and powerful contrast of the rich content in your massive 6.67-inch QHD+ Fluid AMOLED display. With a notch-free and nearly no bezel display, and a well-proportioned screen-to-body ratio you will miss nearly nothing for the full view.  The on-screen feature to unlock your screen will perform in just 0.21 seconds, which is 38% faster than the OnePlus 6T. While the elegant looking display is, clear with crisp details, which allows you to gain the Night Mode 2.0 for a relaxed viewing experience. It reduces blue light from the OnePlus 7 Pro display with optimization of brightness level, so it will reduce strain from your retina. It depicts a full-fledged performance of a premium and flagship if you consider the QHD+ Fluid AMOLED display.


OnePlus 7 Pro Camera:

OnePlus 7 - The Best Smartphones in the US

The 48 MP Rear Camera of your OnePlus 7 Pro captures with clarity, as the software algorithms for optimization of your photos to make proper adjustments. It adjusts the brightness, with highlighting image details, besides it enhances the clarity to add true viewing experience to your every shot you produce. The camera produces an f/1.6, a large aperture with the 7P Lens, while with the dual OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) it will prevent blurring image.  The improved 17 mm 117° ultra-wide-angle lens captures far-reaching landscapes and breathtaking panoramas. For taking shots with extended accuracy and precision, the OnePlus 7 Pro is equipped with a redefined telephoto lens and upgraded Portrait mode. These components have a combination to produce beautifully detailed photos with well-polished and clear detail. The large 3x optical zoom can take shots with high-quality photos with clarity, which retains contents without losing clarity even from a remarkable distance. For achieving the clarity and ease of understanding properly, the camera software reduces; the telephoto lens optical zoom to 2.87x instead of boasted 3x. The Nightscape 2.0 ensures bright and detailed even in nighttime low light, besides the large sensor gives full-viewing experience with a wide dynamic range. With those components in action, the incredible processing speed brings about stunning night landscapes just at your fingertip.

The pop-up camera dominates the beauty of the OnePlus 7 Pro with an elegant look, which has a long 5.5 years life with delivering 150 selfies each day. This durable camera pops up to take and goes back in concealment with quick precision when not in action. It performs to deliver breath-taking selfies without distracting you midway in your task. The pop-up camera can sustain up to 300,000 times of sliding out with causing no physical destruction or fault to the module in a normal weather condition. It has the design to retract instantly if the smartphone is about to be dropped, as the pop-up camera can detect a near dropping situation. The anti-dust mechanism of the OnePlus 7 Pro’s pop-up camera keeps the system keeps dust and dirt out of your smartphone.


Warp Charge 30:

OnePlus 7 - The Best Smartphones in the US

The large 4000 mAh battery keeps up your OnePlus 7 Pro powered up for a full day in a single charge of the battery. The Warp Charge technology charges your smartphone in more than 20 minutes, so it will keep you go on without a power bank. The Warp charge help your OnePlus 7 Pro to gain charging speed up to 34% faster than the OnePlus 6T. The Warp Charge 30 ensure the reduction of generated heat from your frequent gaming by keeping the system cool. You will have faster gaming experience even if you have a low battery, it produces one of the best Smartphones for gaming.


OnePlus 7 Pro Performance:

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 gives one of the most powerful mobile platform, which is an AI-based system to adapt with your phone using method. This fast and smooth phone has come with a high-integrated graphical interface, which provides a gaming experience with greater performance. With the 7 nm Process technology you will have up to 45% of a performance boost. The 12GB RAM provides a boosting opens up more possibility, so you can launch new games and apps without the downgrade of the overall performance. The OnePlus 7 Pro has the incredible speed to provide you a fast and smooth smartphone experience like a sleek flagship phone.

The massive 256 GB of storage has brought more storage for your files, so you can keep your photos and videos on your smartphone with ease. The UFS 3.0 technology provides a supersonic speed for your file transferring from your OnePlus 7 Pro to a laptop or other devices. This means even if you are prone to running out of space, you can transfer file with the UFS 3.0 technology. This will ensure sufficient spaces in your smartphone to keep pace with your demand for more and more space.

The liquid hydra cooling system has come out with a strategically ten cooling layered system spreading with the full space of the phone length. The system will keep your phone cool during your gaming, while the optimal performance while ensures your uninterrupted gaming.


OnePlus 7 - The Best Smartphones in the US


OnePlus 7 Pro Sound:

With the combination of the dual stereo speakers and the Dolby Atmos, you will have a true to life sound experience. The immersive sound during your video streaming, gaming or listening favorite playlist will give you a wonderful crystal-clear sound, as you want to hear. The latest haptic vibration motor will give you a deep experience to touch your phone with a better interaction, which will respond with your every touch. The Fnatic mode will ensure an immersive gaming experience free from any kind of distraction, so this keeps gaming uninterrupted.

OnePlus 7 Pro Design:

The premium design craft has everything to keep have a premium smartphone experience with your OnePlus 7 Pro, which has a seamless glass curved body. The 6.67-inch Fluid AMOLED display is soft in feel and elegant in look, which has brought about quality beyond imagination with a master artisanship. The seamless design allows the visually slim body to remain ultrathin with an 8.8mm thin body, besides it weighs only 206g. This ultra-thin body will perfectly fit in your grab; the easy to feature comes with a slim body. Without a slim body, this full 6.67-inch will be difficult to hold in a single grasp. The smartphone is available in mirror gray, nebula blue, and almond color. With a high-end design force of your OnePlus 7 Pro, it will melt in your lifestyle with vibrant color, as the stunning color will change against different sources of lights and circumstances.  

OnePlus 7 Pro OxygenOS:

The high graphical interface of the OxygenOS has great seamless features to keep with what you need from your smartphone. It provides customization and optimization of every options and component to provide you a great workforce, so it will help you to gain the best performance possible. The OxygenOS keeps your operation fast and smooth with an elegant and clean design on every icon and animation in the customized options. This will keep up fluid motion in your job, with a great touch interface around the display of the OnePlus 7 Pro. The full screen and widescreen will glitter with a full-formed smartphone experience, which will also give you the freedom of quick launching of apps. You have a video enhancer to around the corner to create something beyond your imagination. It allows you to switch between apps with finger touch, so you have to slide up from the bottom-center of the screen and to the right. With a sliding up from the bottom of your screen, you will get back to your home screen in no time at all. You can have the full-screen gestures instead of countless taps, so you can interact with your phone with the customized available gestures. Besides, with a click you can do things like paying the bills, setting an alarm clock or quick search online.

The screen reader will read everything you experience, so it will help you record important things like video footage or any gaming climax scenes. With clear detail, it will serve you without missing any single portion, besides the sound recording is also very clear. The OxygenOS will keep everything in your tip, so it will be fun to use your OnePlus 7 Pro with the new user interface. The OxygenOS is powered by Android so that it can have proper customization to provide a user-friendly experience. You can have a full user experience interface to use the full AI power of your OnePlus 7 Pro, so it gives you ease and comfort to navigate and access through your smartphone.

OnePlus 7 - The Best Smartphones in the US

Concluding Remarks:

The OnePlus 7 Pro has brought about a smartphone with a mid-range budget, but it works with machine learning like a flagship phone. If you think you need a 6.67-inch QHD+ AMOLED Resolution display, you can have this incredible smartphone for you. The on-screen fingerprint and telephoto lenses are available only in the bigger Galaxy S10 flagships, so the inclusion of these features is a surprising move from OnePlus. Not even the S10e from the same Galaxy S10 series have these features, so this seems one of the best available Smartphones deals in 2019. We have discussed the display, camera, Warp Charge 30, performance, sound, design and specs of this incredible OnePlus 7 Pro to have an insight. The analysis comes with a review, which indicates it has everything controlled with in-depth machine learning. It goes update of the software to patch up the faults or to upgrade the features, so in the price range, we have everything like a flagship phone. It impresses as how it has upgraded to assist the camera for performing better, as the camera had been the weakest zone in this OnePlus 7 Pro. If you something with different configurations in mind, you can explore for other available options elsewhere.  Or you can make up mind for the OnePlus 7 with further exploration.


Key Specs at a glance:

  • Launched: May 2019.
  • Weight:
  • Size Dimensions: 162 x 75 x 8.8mm.
  • Operating System: OxygenOS based on Android™ 9.
  • Display Size:67-inch (Fluid AMOLED).
  • Resolution: 3120 x 1440 pixels 516ppi.
  • CPU: Snapdragon 855.
  • RAM: 6GB/8GB/12GB LPDDR4X.
  • ROM: 128GB/256GB UFS 3.0 2-LANE.
  • Battery: 4,000mAh.
  • Back Camera: 48MP + 8MP + 16MP.
  • Front Camera:

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