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LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch Review & Guide | Yosells

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SmartWatch is one of the most important technologies, which a very few people can foresee because it doesn’t have scope for a bigger screen to use it with freedom. The most important thing about SmartWatch is that it can work without having a proper keypad and display. LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch is one of the best in the smart technology because of a bunch of trackers included with it. It lasts 07 Days (10 Hours each day) with a full charge, which ensures you can keep track of nearly every kind of day time activities of a week with only one full charge of the battery.


Best LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch in 2019

Wearable smart devices are getting market all across the world; though it was a challenge to design and build a tiny smart device, dedications of the technologist and developers paid off as we have Smart Watch with various designs and features in different colors and different shapes. You can choose either you want a metal strap or a leather strap; the smartwatches are on the line to serve you with various purposes. With the tiny size and being a watch, it was not easy to convince about the importance it, because customers are always on the soft side about the traditional watches. The concept is understandable; as traditional watches are regarded as well-crafted classical item, besides watch crafty is as nearly revered as witchcraft. With the development of technology and research, now the SmartWatch is competing in a neck to neck battle and the result is amazing. Classic Brand like Tesla is leaning to the smart technology, which paved the way for new kind of watches. The shape and touch of classics are melting with the design of modernity, thus providing the new watches, with having breathtaking features provided by the wand touch of new technologies. Best LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch is a specimen of only a few cost-friendly smart tracking, which has only kind tracking facilities with a minimal price. This you may keep your eyes on this simple-looking, but precisely designed and carefully built Sports Smart Watch, which is a cheap smartwatch only in the term of price.

LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch

Item specifics:

LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch is best Outdoor Sports Watch if you consider the price and the features it provides with:

  • Product Name: Smart Sport Watch
  • Model: S928
  • Brand Name: JingTider
  • Appearance Material: stainless steel shell, shell PC + TPU, PC shell, strap silicone
  • Product Size: 4.5 X 4.7 X 1.4 CM
  • Product weight: 57.00 g
  • Satellite System: GPS
  • Vibration: yes
  • Band Material: Silica Gel
  • Waterproof Grade: Professional Waterproof
  • Case Material: Steel
  • Mechanism: No
  • Compatibility: All Compatible
  • Waterproof life: water, sweat, rain, splash water
  • Color: Silver stainless steel + black shell + Black watchband
  • GPS: Ceramic antenna
  • Heart rate: Dynamic heart rate
  • Screen Shape: Round
  • ROM:<128MB
  • Rear Camera: None
  • Language: English
  • Band Detachable: Yes
  • RAM:<128MB
  • CPU Manufacturer: Ingenic
  • APP Download Available: No
  • Application Age Group: Adult
  • Network Mode: None
  • Multiple Dials: No
  • System: None
  • Barometer: Pressure
  • Thermometer: Environment temperature
  • G sensor: 3D Accelerometer/Gyroscope
  • Bluetooth: Nordic 4.0
  • Display: 1”, 128*128 pixel; Light
  • Waterproof: IP 66 Life waterproof
  • Battery: 380mah(Time mode 18 days / Comprehensive use 7 days / GPS 10 hours),
  • Power supply: wireless contact type charging
  • Connection parameters: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Compatible system: IOS8.0 and above, Android4.3 and above;
  • Features: ECG monitoring, heart rate monitoring,
  • Main functions: GPS, heart rate monitor, barometer, thermometer, height measurement, ambient temperature, latitude and longitude coordinates, record track, walking, running, mountain climbing, daily activities, calories, outdoor speed. Mileage. Sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, alarm clock.
  • Included in the box: Watch, charging stand, charging cable, User’s manual. 

The place to Buy:

LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch

How to Use LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch:

There is one thing you must before using the smartwatch, that supports English only, but the apps support total 12 Language. You are advised from not looking for multiple unnecessary features because it is nicely taken care of by minimizing the features in number to avoid battery draining. The LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch is dust and waterproof. The extent of the waterproof level in 04 stages:  waterproof, sweatproof, rainproof, splash-proof. You can wear it with the freedom of carrying everywhere you want to. The firmware is subject to update in time; so checking for the regular update will provide you the best service from it.



LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch is an excellent device because the service and features it offers with this simple design Sports Smart Watch is far better than so many high price smartwatches. It seems the cheap smartwatch is providing with limited features, but the features it contains undoubtedly stronger and precise. The user may find it provides a bunch of features with similar value, but that is why it becomes more practical for our daily. We can consider this S928 Smart Sport Watch as the Best Outdoor Sports Watch because it can track every kind of sports activities you can do. Eliminating unnecessary feature it becomes more and more practical and this allows it to be cheaper in every sense of affordability. The main features it has Heart Rate Monitor, GPS, and Outdoor Data, but only has the limitation of not having a proper monitor for display. A monochromic display it has can’t be compared with HD display we have in most of the cases, but having a high resolution is not always the most important requirement for every kind of device we use. This Cheap smartwatch is a very nice device because of its simplicity; so the price and a simple display is a part of it.

The most important features make it look like nothing, but some efficient trackers, which can give you a perfect data. This includes the heart rate monitor, which is the basis of your every work out data. It will give you the real-time update of your heart condition, and you can monitor it properly.  Knowing the real-time update is very crucial for you, because this gives us the early whereabouts cardiac health.

With the GPS technology, you can track every move during sports or work out, which gives you the update of your progress or downfall in your sports activities. Health is a great concern for everybody and keeping track of physical activities is very important for being fit. Physical fitness is very important and with the updates of the fitness level, you may have sound health. Having an LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch is a great idea or an idea you will not regret. With a 3D accelerometer and Gyroscope, the experience of your work out moves tracking will reach in a new level.

With keeping the exact update of current weather you will be a step away when you are about on the way to outside, which gives you the temperature and other vital informational. You will instantly know the geographical coordination of any place where you arrive, which will help you to know the exact position you are on the earth. Mount trekking, bike riding, hiking, jogging, sea surfing, sea navigating and any outdoor activities will turn into an impressive experience with best Outdoor Sports Watch.

Hereafter, we can consider another thing about this smartwatch, which is in another league, with the simple looking design. A quick glimpse on it will make you feel look like a resemblance of what a watch design ought to be, with nice color and precise material it looks great. It gives you the freedom of taking leaps anywhere and enjoying the impact literally.

LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch

LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch VS Pebble Time Smart Watch:

The similarity between both of LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch and Pebble Time Smart Watch is that both of them are very efficient in a nearly similar way, but without a careful look on the features and benefits of those brands some difference will show up. When it comes to the battery life, LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch is up ahead from the Pebble with a vast difference, as Pebble lasts only 04 days, at the other hand LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch has weeklong battery life. This is, sure enough, a difference which can have a great influence to affect the credibility of those brands and asserts which one has the better position between them, but it surely is the beginning. The Pebble has no touchscreen is another fact, which makes it rather less smart comparing to LPY-S928. The display of pebble is far dimmer than LPY-S928 against direct light. Though both of the brands tried to save battery draining by minimizing the presence of features, that makes no difference while it comes to the LPY-S928 Watch. Pebble here messed up by not providing polished apps and providing poor watch faces. This concludes LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch is a much better than that of Pebble Time Smart Watch.



The  LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch is one of the best smartwatches in watches in 2019 both in budget and efficiency. You can explore further for  LPY-S928 Smart Sport Watch or check elsewhere for the best lucarative smartwatches.

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