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HoldFast Gear Straps – MoneyMaker Camera Straps

Let’s have a look on the HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness. This is DSLR camera straps, which we have found elegant and reasonably functional among the available best DSLR camera straps.With luxurious and elegant materials in making it presents the classical essence of the custom-made HoldFast design and making. If you try to have a go with this impressive strap, it will keep you engaged with remarkable strength and service. Here, the high-grade leather provides a premium level of durability and comfort during random use. The anchored metal d-rings, safety straps provide secured attachment, which has full re-enforcing assistance of bypassing the clip and screw.

You can create room for up to 3 cameras on your MoneyMaker, as the water waxy and weather-resistant leather material is pretty strong for support. With this secure strap, you will have both accessibility and comfortability during camera operation. With these extreme and ultimate secure points are in line, it becomes the best among the available straps around. HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker keeps everything in place to make your camera easily accessible, which makes it both flexible and comfortable during your professional photography.


HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness

The regular chestnut version of the  HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness is worthy of attention. This accessories is really useful and elegant for your professional photography activities.  If you want an affordable price for your camera DSLR camera straps, relying on HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness a smart option for you.

  • It Keeps two cameras simultaneously near your hips.
  • They are produced with high-grade leather material.
  • It is worn in a backpack style with an “X” pattern across your back.
  • Four built-in metal D-rings allow you to attach optional camera straps and accessories.
  • Speed Clutch Slides Camera Up/Down Strap.

HoldFast Camera Straps: Make Room For a Dual Camera Set Up.

A photographer can carry a great deal of weight on the shoulder with a HoldFast Camera Straps. The HoldFast Moneymaker Camera Harness seems to be a very functional solution for the photographers all over the world. HoldFast Camera Straps allows photographers to two cameras during festive photography. If the cameraman carries two cameras at the same time, he does not have to bother changing lenses during wedding photography.

The photographer can mount two different lenses on two cameras to save time to take various shots. In this way, a photographer can capture the shots by switching between two cameras with HoldFast Camera Straps. A photographer carries not less than 2.00 Kgs on the shoulder with things like camera gears, lenses, and other items for two separate cameras. The dual-camera HoldFast Camera Straps can take a considerable load to ease the job.  A camera can accidentally slip from the shoulder sometime, but a dual camera strap HoldFast Camera Straps is a secure option. The HoldFast Money Maker Multi-Camera Harness has become one most preferable and most sold straps with its incredible strength, durability, and reliability.

This leather camera harness provides the premium experience of the full-grain leather, and adds strength around both of the shoulders. With the manufacturing enforcement of US technology, HoldFast Camera Straps has the technology to remain non-slip even against the shaky movements. Here the design in the HoldFast Camera Straps makes it a cross-body strap with creating an “X” pattern on your body around the back. It distributes weight evenly on both of the shoulders to make everything well-balanced and to make the job smooth and fast.

HoldFast Camera Straps allows people to carry two cameras besides their hips, and an extra camera at the front. Leather materials like Genuine Python, English Bridle, Great American Bison, and Water Buffalo have made it easier to pick the best suitable option for photography. HoldFast Camera Straps has durable metal buckles & fittings to gain strength against heavyweight of the camera gears for easy carrying. For using against tripod with DSLR, it needs to fasten screws with tripod sockets, while rubber washers keep it secure and hassle-free.

If a photographer is an enthusiast of extreme level photography with premium gear and utilities, HoldFast Camera Straps seems an excellent option for everybody. With high-quality leather, it provides both an elegant look and a wide array of functionalities. At the same time, it can take a load of any professional camera. HoldFast Camera Straps keeps providing high-end user experience, a classic & an antique look with premium material, raw leather color, and matte finishing. US photographers like this perfect touch on their gears with pure American leather to gain much attention from both beginners and professionals.

Sometime people may find bad feelings about some of the types of equipment being age-old, as the aging process may make things look faded. While with the HoldFast Camera Straps, the photographer may never experience something like losing beauty. While it becomes older and older, HoldFast Camera Straps remains elegant comparatively on every stage of color fading. The fact is evident with pure leather material because aging includes antique and classic value and look on genuine full-grain leather.


A consumer may never feel it discarded for this look, beside the durability of US pure leather is noteworthy. The HoldFast Camera Straps lasts longer, and never breaks down against the heady-duty cameras. Evenly distributed weight on both of the shoulders relieves pressure and stress from the body to prevent pain during a long time photographic session. HoldFast Camera Straps does not make any scratch on the skin or clothes, so the consumer may feel full comfort and ease during the moment of switching cameras.

HoldFast Money Maker Camera Straps:

HoldFast Money Maker is an elegant collection of HoldFast Camera Straps of leather straps for dual-camera action.  Money Makers have come with the real full-grain leather of USA, so it retains strength, durability, and elegant look. The most crucial feature of Money Maker is the dual-camera suitability, besides the photographers can also carry an extra at the front by adding an extended leash. HoldFast Camera Straps has high-end and durable metal accessories to make the straps secure against heavyweight camera gears.

Here, the photographer may find different options following the choices and tastes from a wide range of leather material of the collection. Photographer can have a look at the HoldFast Camera Straps with different styles, leathers, and  the perfect design for a dual-camera operation.

Here are the available HoldFast Camera dual-camera straps from Money Maker to make a choice:

  • Black Gold Money Maker (Limited Edition).
  • Money Maker Solo.
  • Money Maker: Bridle Leather (Original).
  • Skinny Money Maker: Bridle Leather.
  • Money Maker: Water Buffalo Leather (Original).
  • Skinny Money Maker: Water Buffalo Leather.
  • Money Maker: American Bison Leather (Original).
  • Skinny Money Maker: American Bison Leather.
  • Money Maker: Hand Tooled Hand Painted.
  • Storm Trooper Money Maker (Limited Edition).
  • Death Trooper Money Maker (Limited Edition).
  • Camera Swagg.
  • Skinny Money Maker: Genuine Python Skin.
  • Money Maker: Genuine Python Skin (Original).

HoldFast Camera Straps products are elegant with different leather materials, so it becomes easier to choose the best option for professional photography.


Concluding Remarks:

HoldFast means genuine craftsmanship from US styling with pure full-grain material for bags, straps, and so on for carrying cameras. HoldFast Camera Straps are in line to ensure that photographers do not have to swipe lenses for multiple zooming options.

A photographer also can carry different photographic tools and materials by adding pouch with the straps. Relying on HoldFast Money Maker Camera Straps means building on HoldFast Camera Straps as a whole.

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