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HoldFast Gear: Making Your Camera & Gears Secure With Easy Accessibility.

HoldFast Gear is a renowned leather item brand, which is famous for high-quality, durable, and premium level leather goods as photography tools. All of the products from the HoldFast Gear is designed for ultimate on the go photography experience to make everything suitable to you and your camera equipment.

HoldFast Gear Accessories Overview:

HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness

As an Oklahoma based US brand, HoldFast is very worthy to mention. US people consider HoldFast as their home brand, as Matthew Swaggart presents the products manufactured right in US soil.

Matt was able to promote the brand successfully to the US people, because he traveled all over the world several times for photography, and understood the trouble of the heavy-duty camera equipment while carrying.

Travel photography never allows you to remain static, rather than that you have to move around with bulky equipment and gears. This seems like a dilemma, as you have to both move around while keeping focus on the viewfinder, and also have to carry your camera weapon.

How can you both carry your equipment & tools and keep your shooting stable at the same time?

This is when he thought about the point of portability, and took the action to launch his own brand HoldFast. You will find the elegant looking and durable HoldFast Gears for the travel photographers, and the first product launched was HoldFast Moneymaker leather camera harness.

HoldFast Gear Accessories

You will find a variety of leather camera straps, camera bags, and Accessories, which are produced in the United States. The main major ingredient of the products are real full-grain leather, which produces premium on each of the HoldFast products.

Let’s have a look at the products in line for both professionals and enthusiasts.


HoldFast Gear consists of various collections, which HoldFast has presented to meet the demand of a photographer. The collections are included with products for specific purposes, as each of the collections has unique specifications.

Here the collections are:

HoldFast Money Maker:

HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness

The HoldFast Money Maker always keeps you in business with high-quality leather,  safety straps, and safety straps, which makes your camera secure and accessible to you. Here, versatile design and elegant looks have made an essential tool for your professional photography.

Your cameras and other essential gears are safe with this durable Money Maker, which also has functionalities to assist you during your on the go performance. These important gears and tools are safe and stay in the way so that you can access them quickly and comfortably.

If you feel you need additional cameras during your operation, you can make way for up to 3 cameras with your  Money Maker. To make this happen, you need to attach 2 Hold Fast Camera Leashes, which will enable you to carry the 3rd camera on the center position.

To make it more adaptable and versatile as a camera strap, you may adaptable and versatile camera to your strap. You will be satisfied with its lifetime, as it lasts longer with day-long shootings, besides the  Money Maker has suitability across places.

HoldFast Explorer:

HoldFast Explorer line of products are excellent for keeping your camera gear safe, dry, and cozy, so it will make your adventure meaningful with great assistance. They are designed with wax canvas, trimmed in leather, and insulated with plush sheepskin, which has made the bags weather-resistant.

You can carry this on your MoneyMaker camera strap, thus the feature ensures versatility and supreme balance within reach of your finger-tip with the HoldFast Explorer. As we have mentioned before, the weather-resistant feature enables it to withstand any weather that may need to be during your job.

HoldFast Camera Swagg:

The existence of the unique synthetic materials and legendary HF design of HoldFast Gear has made the HoldFast Swagg line of products highly acceptable. Here the difference between the Swagg line and the Holdfast Money Maker is the synthetic material of the Swagg, while the design remains the same.

HoldFast Roamographer Collection:

You may have a great impression about the HoldFast Roamographer Collection, which is another great collection of HoldFast Gear. You will find it well-functional with everything it has as a day to day bag and a hang wallet, so this luxurious companion will be a great companion during weekends.

The Roamographer is an excellent collection, which comes with the combination of impeccable craftsmanship, exclusive American Bison leather, and the Bridle Leather accents. If you are a professional roamographer to capture great moments of your life, this posh and sleek side bag is what you are probably looking for.

HoldFast Sightseer:

HoldFast Gear Sightseer Sling Strap

If you are an extremely inspired sightseer, you may like the HoldFast Sightseer from the HoldFast Gear. The HoldFast Sightseer allows you to carry the essential camera tools and equipment to the sight you are shooting.

Your Sightseer collection will relieve your pressure by allowing you to carry camera equipment and other gears, while it also makes those things easily accessible. You don’t have to worry about putting things back or retrieving while you have to change lenses or other components.

The Sightseer bags are both easily adjustable and reversible, so you are still with your camera in a single grab. You will find these features very functional because of no remarkable distraction during changing across gears with swift move and quick operation in-hand.

Like all other HoldFast Gears, you will find the same reliable American Bison leather in the Sightseer collection products. You can have side these shoulder bags with also room for additional pouches to store the tiny little objects, so you will accidentally drop nearly nothing when you are sightseeing.

As the cross-body and easy adjustable leather strap of your sightseer bags have made it versatile, so you can also use these cross-body bags like side bags. With Sightseers around your shoulder like a backpack or side bag, you are never out of action.

Concluding Remarks:

With the elegant backpacks, straps and other pouches, the entire HoldFast Gear is something worthy of mentioning, so you do not have to worry about where you are for your photography. These products are precisely designed to relieve your pressure of overwork because they allow portability as well as accessibility simultaneously.

With a wide range of materials of the HoldFast Gear likely to both elegance and durability to protect your equipment and gears. The elegance nature of the products has come down with a premium look, so the collections are fully professional from every possible direction. You can purchase them from various available places, you can visit and purchase them from HoldFast Shop online.

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